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Take the Month of Hope Challenge

We could all use a little hope during this time of social distancing and uncertainty. Sadly, for fatherless boys, feelings of isolation and uncertainty are the harsh reality that confronts them on a daily basis. The lack of hope that they have come to accept as normal has disastrous consequences on a daily basis, including diminished self-concept, poor academic performance, and increased risk of suicide. Champion Institute, a non-profit organization, stands ready to bring hope and healing to fatherless boys, providing them a winning game plan for the arena of life. We take the concept of coaching off the field and into the lives of fatherless boys and provide intensive one-to-one supports to help them regain hope and cease a winning future.

During this time of Covid-19, we are continuing to recruit and build champions. For example, our kids have 24-hour access to our Champion Architects through using virtual communication tools. We also offer Covid-19 education to keep our kids informed about Covid-19 in a way that they can understand and be socially responsible during this time. And our Libre’ book club meets virtually to keep our kids learning with and from others as they build their reading and critical thinking skills.

But we cannot provide these free services without you. These kids need your help now. April is the National Month of Hope and we invite you to join us in planting seeds of hope in the lives of fatherless boys this month with your donation. Please visit our website at and click on the donate tab to give your donation today. No donation is too small, and each donation makes a huge difference in the lives of the fatherless youth we serve. Thank you for your generosity.

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