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Champion Institute Projects

Join in and donate towards one of our ongoing projects to help us make the biggest impact on the youth.


Traces is an experiential learning project designed to help youth champion effective decision making and learn from challenging seasons of their lives. Traces is comprised of 6 learning modules each representing a pivotal time of development in the life of the youth.  Through a process of simulating obstacles experienced by the youth in their most critical times of development, the program helps the youth develop skills of decision-mapping to make the best choices for their future.

Power Circle

THE POWER CIRCLE is a unique holistic discipleship ministry designed to call out to young men to COME TO CHRIST, to follow him, and experience TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE through the empowerment of God’s love, and call on their lives. These young men are introduced to God, discipled, and COACHED TO A NEW LIFE COURSE. Young men form a circle GROW TOGETHER and witness transformational change in each other’s lives.

Champion Quest

Champion Quest draws out the NATURAL STRENGTHS AND ABILITIES of the youth and engages them in a path toward EXCELLENCE.  It is a holistic personal development program that offers youth an opportunity to explore their natural strengths, work skills, aptitudes, and career interests while in attendance at an institution of higher learning.  In addition to the youth completing THREE INTERNSHIPS and COLLEGE COURSEWORK leading to a viable career trajectory, the program helps them to build the CHARACTER OF A CHAMPION.

Safe Passage

PROJECT SAFE PASSAGE is an intensive COACHING PROGRAM for fatherless high school boys. Project Safe Passage uses an athletic coaching model to coach youth participants through critical moments in their high school experience, giving them a fighting chance to SUCCESSFULLY TRANSITION from secondary education to HIGHER EDUCATIONAL pursuits.

CI Ambassadors

Champion Institute strives to teach each champion that he has both a ROLE and a RESPONSIBILITY to serve others. Toward this end, the Institute aims to prepare the next generation of leaders known as CI AMBASSADORS. CI Ambassadors are cutting-edge thinkers who move and inspire innovate solutions impacting the youth community. They are PRINCIPLED and DEDICATED servant leaders committed to giving a voice to issues that impact fatherless youth.


CHALLENGING someone incites an INTERNAL POSITIVE ENERGY and offers opportunities for growth. This is especially true of youth because of their natural interest in beating the odds. Drawing from this principle, the Champion Challenge program inspires and teaches strategies to face tasks that seem impossible.  Through the program, participants learn to achieve goals set before them to win at life, building upon each small success to achieve ultimate victory.

Cheer for

A Champion

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