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Cheer for  A Champion

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Champion Institute is a ministry of hope dedicated to inspiring, coaching, and training boys who grow up without a dad to win at life. Our program offers hope, restoration, and an actionable path forward. Youth gain a renewed inner strength to approach life’s challenges. We take the concept of coaching off the field and into the lives of these youth and helping them chart a new course of victory in their lives. Our champion recruits need your support on their journey to victory. Give to help these youth become champions today.

We believe in the potential of each youth we serve and aspire to give them the guidance and hope for their future that is so often lost in the absence of a caring father.  We hold their hand for a season, while teaching and developing them to step out into the real world and chase their dreams. Champion Institute exists to steadfastly develop those who have no one to believe in their promise.


Champion Institute Helps

Through our initiatives and restorative framework,

  • Our youth gain renewed inner strength to approach life’s challenges, and rediscover doors of opportunity

  • Our youth are encircled by a supportive group of people who believe in them and know they can grow.  

  • Our youth identify their talents and use them to chart a new life course.

  • Our nurturing environment calls fourth potential and builds champions.

What Makes

Us Different

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