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Hassan Graduates from Brazos High School and Joins the Marine Corps


At the young age 15, Hassan was referred to Champion Institute by a social worker. When Hassan arrived at Champion Institute, he was beginning tenth grade with an academic performance below ninth grade level in core areas. Having transitioned to several schools with no guidance or support, Hassan was hopeless, and had no reason to believe that things could get better. A Champion Institute coach began working with Hassan, taking the one-to-one coaching concepts he had grown fond of as a soccer player off of the field and into his academic world as a student.

The Champion Institute coach supported Hassan’s efforts daily in school, constantly assessing and helping him build on his strengths while developing his skills in areas where improvement was needed. Consummate effort of the Champion Institute coach coupled with an unshakable belief in Hassan’s potential resulted in Hassan completing all academic requirements and graduating with the class of 2021 at Brazos High School. Hassan’s passion to become a United States Marine was renewed and in addition to high school completion, Hassan passed all examinations to be recruited into the United States Marine Corps and has begun a new journey of service. Champion Institute salutes Hassan for his achievements and commends his desire to enter a career with the United States Marines.

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