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Ryan Graduates from the University of Texas at Tyler

At 18-years-old Ryan was engulfed in despair as he was discharged from the homeless shelter where he had been staying for nearly 12 months, he had little hope nor a path forward.

Unsure of his path, Ryan reached out to a mentor at Champion Institute. The mentor assured Ryan his best days were ahead and facilitated Ryan’s enrollment into community college with a room and board program for which the mentor assisted Ryan to register for classes and move into his new dorm. Through Champion Institute’s intense coaching and discipleship, Ryan flourished academically, earning a 3.8 GPA, acceptance into Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, and ultimately, acceptance into the school of nursing program at University of Texas at Tyler.

With continuous coaching and support from his mentor at Champion Institute, Ryan completed his nursing studies and Champion Institute sponsored Ryan’s cost for his state examinations for nursing. In May, Ryan was a proud member of the class of 2021 at University of Texas at Tyler, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Ryan has completed all state examinations and currently employed as a registered nurse. Through the work of Champion Institute, Ryan’s identity is no longer that of despair, but that of a Champion. Champion Institute applauds Ryan for his hard work and the bright future that he has ahead as a registered nurse and his aspirations to become a physician’s assistant.

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