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How We're Fighting Covid-19

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Our kids need us and during this time of Covid-19 and we are answering the call. We have taken steps to ensure we remain connected with our youth and that they have somewhere to turn. Here are some of the ways we are continuing to engage with our kids:

  • Our kids have 24-hour access to our Champion Architects through using virtual communication tools.

  • We offer Covid-19 education through online chat sessions with our kids to help them understand this rapidly changing situation.

  • Each week, our Librè Book Club meets to discuss the book of the week. All book address hope, healing, and personal courage.

  • Our Power Circle, a group that usually gathers in-person to engage in fun and emotionally uplifting activities now meets once weekly online for spirited discussion and support.

  • One-to-one virtual counseling continues to be available. Counseling sessions include post-Covid-19 planning so that kids can prepare for road ahead after Covid-19.

  • Service and resources scavenger hunts for kids to actively engage in learning about social behaviors and tools to decrease the spread of Covid-19.

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