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Our Process

The Champion Institute Process

Equipping the Youth

We develop and equip youth with the necessary tools to win in the arena of life. These tools include restored self-belief, a heightened ability to recognize personal strengths, the skills to make winning decisions, and strategies to be successful academically, socially, and professionally.

Restoring Hope

We restore a sense of hope and personal self-worth through intensive one-to-one instruction and mentoring. Our model encompasses a blended approach to working with each youth, incorporating both coaching and mentoring.  Our coaching model addresses concrete issues, such as how to make positive decisions, and build on personal strengths.  Our mentoring model promotes a safe place for youth to address areas such as building upon self-confidence, self-perception, and helping them understand how their personal strengths can be channeled to influence their academic, social, and professional success.

Development of Strengths

We build upon the natural strengthens and talents that each youth possesses.  Our approach helps youth identify their strengths and match their strengths with a positive life trajectory.

Realizing the Champion Within

We help youth to develop a new narrative about their identity as a gateway to their future.  Personal narratives that have presented obstacles to their success are replaced as the youth build a narrative comprised of incremental successes.

Cheer for

A Champion

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