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Image by Warren Wong


Restoring a Sense of Purpose

“By the time you have lived in seven homes and attended countless schools across two continents, you get the message that no one wants you. In fact, you start to wonder if life is worth living. This was my life until I came to Champion Institute for Youth Development. Up to age 16, I lived without a father in a world without purpose.  I never even knew what it felt like to have a birthday. I had never had a cake or candles, or gifts. It was the mentors at Champion Institute that gave me the opportunity to be celebrated and to feel loved and wanted. My mentor at Champion Institute really cared and helped me understand that I am important.  Each time I wanted to give up, I could reach out to my mentor who through me a lifeline and helped me regain a since of purpose.

After working with my mentors and coaches at Champion Institute, I began to realize that it was not harmful for me to believe in myself. I began to grab hold of hope and started thinking about what I wanted to do with my life. And now, I have surpassed every goal that my Champion Institute coach has helped me set for myself. Since being part of Champion Institute’s Safe Passages program, have gone from a failing grades in school to a student who earns “A’s” and “B’s.”  I have found my voice and can confidently speak with others. I am working on a job and developing my social skills and on my way to a career.  I no longer feel like I do not belong, rather, I feel like the world is mine to conquer. Champion Institute helped me find victory in life”

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